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Jumpers cardigans

Jumpers and cardigans are a wardrobe treasure.

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Womens jumpers and cardigans

On Promod womenswear jumpers, gilets, sweatshirts and cardigans are ever so colourful! Orange, tangerine, yellow, red… colourful jumpers are a fashion sensation this year! In fancy knits, classic colours are still a good fashion option: a navy jumper for its navy inspiration, a black rollneck for its timeless chic, a button waistcoat in beige or ecru for a casual air. Back on trend are jacquard jumpers and motif sweatshirts: floral, leopard, zebra, palm trees… womenswear jumpers and gilets reinterpret the main trends in bold audacious style! Every fashion detail is important on jumpers that are long-sleeved or short-sleeved, on a round or v-neckline, on a short or maxi sleeveless gilet, an oversized or fitted jumper:gold buttons, sequinned effects, glitzy ribbed edges… It can be fun to wear them recto/verso: with the neckline on the front or back, just for a change! Focus on cable knits, openwork effects and of course the feel: wool, cashmere or mohair, soft or fluffy knits… Slip a long sleeveless gilet into your wardrobe, to keep warm with a dress or as an outfit combination of denim jeans + t-shirt + trainers. Sweatshirts and hoodies (hooded sweatshirts) have messages to send and make a bold statement in the fashion realms of classic sporty chic! Worn with jeans, a skirt or paper bag trousers, jumpers have interesting sleeve designs: puffed, batwing, ribbed. Gilets should be worn loose, open and laid-back. A last thing, belts are big fashion news: a Far West belt over a long gilet, a narrow glitzy belt to add interest to a plain little jumper… All to enjoy! Add a fashion twist to your outfits with jewellery, a scarf or brooch...trendy versions to be found at Promod!