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New trendy colour shades, patterns to please, trendy must-haves: all you want, all that is trendy… discover all the new-in items this season online & create casual chic style!

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At Promod, we offer a collection of lots of different trousers for all occasions and all styles.

What are the different womenswear trouser cuts?

In our series of womenswear trousers, firstly we have the most basic of them all: straight-leg trousers, mainly in canvas versions like chinos or denims, such as straight-leg denim jeans, but they can also be in knitwear or drapy versions… this cut is ever fashionable, a great option every time, to suit all body shapes! In our collection of trousers, we then have wideleg trousers, flared trousers or even mega-flared trousers. Trousers that have, as the name implies, a wider shape on the lower leg. In our series of trousers, we also have cargo pants, straight from the year 2000 but ultra-trendy today. In our series of trousers, we then have drapy trousers, with a wider straight shape,offering both comfort and style (the perfect combo!). Also in our series of trousers, we have smart trousers, inspired by tailored suit trousers, always elegantly chic. So which womenswear trousers do you prefer?

Which trousers are fashionable right now?

No doubt about it: the most trendy womenswear trousers right now are cargo! These multi-pocketed canvas trousers have « old school » appeal, very year 2000, just like similar parachute trousers, also bang on trend. Closely followed in popularity by drapy trousers, wide straight trousers, so easy to wear, easily adapting to all styles, be they plain, boldly coloured, patterned, short or long.

Which smart trousers for elegant style?

Want a classy elegant look for your trousers? At the moment, the trend that everyone is talking about is a tailored womenswear look. Available in fresh joyful colours, suits are more laid-back and vibrant, to add fashion dash to your chosen style ! But you can also count on the ever-fashionable black suit trousers, that always create understated chic.

What type of trousers suit a prominent waist shape?

Let's be honest, we are often happy with our generous curves, but rarely happy with our midriff. So then we do everything to disguise it, don't we? Finding the right womenswear trousers that best hide this curve is a tricky mission… but here are a few body shape tips to help you: you can always go for high-waisted trousers, that cover the midriff, such as high-waisted jeans or peg-shaped trousers. Avoid womenswear trousers with a really bold elasticated waist, and instead opt for trousers with a tie-waistband that adapts itself perfectly to your body shape. Select thicker fabrics, to skim over any little imperfections. But our top advice to you, is to choose what pleases you, because nothing is as beautiful as a women who is wearing what she wants and wears it with pridet !