A brighter life: Yes, please!


Pantone® by Promod! A brighter life: Yes, please!

For this CELEBRATE COLOR collection, with Pantone we devised 5 unique colours for colorblocking. Each evokes a particular emotion. The importance of colour as a new way of celebrating life!

COMFORTING CHESTNUT: Comforting chestnut is a rich, sumptuous shade with a reddish tinge imparting strength and confidence to the wearer

INTENSE ORANGE: Intense orange is a bold and bright tangerine full of dynamism, bringing vitality and energy to the wearer

RADIANT OCHRE: Shining ochre, a beaming gold sunray, full of radiance and energy, combining joy and optimism for those who adopt this shade

COSMIC VIOLET: Cosmic violet, intriguing purple, conjuring up mysteries of the universe and contemplations on the future. Encouraging us to venture into new horizons

ETERNAL BLUE: Eternal blue is confident and classic, a deep imperial blue. Evoking the vast panorama of the midnight sky, an infinite blue full of possibility