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After last winter's jumper, it's the turn of the jacket to lose its sleeves… and to gain in style  ! A standout item this season, the waistcoat is starring in all the fashion collections of leading brands and no doubt everyone loves it  ! Why  ? Because it elevates any outfit in the blink of an eye and also because it adds a cosy feel to a pretty dress, a beautiful top, a lovely shirt, without changing the outline. In denim, padded, tailored and even fleece versions, you can create lots of pleasing styles. We show you how.

How to wear and pair a womenswear waistcoat  ?

 As we stated in our introduction, the waistcoat is a standout item this season. So without delay we share the different ways to wear it, so that you can look fabulously stylish as never before  !A womenswear denim waistcoat for rock attitude  :An iconic 1990s item, the denim waistcoat adds a hint of grungy rock attitude to a basic look. Easy laid-back jeans (or destroyed effects for the fashion brave), a white t-shirt, black boots…it's perfect  !A padded womenswear waistcoat for a boho look  :Feeling romantic  ? Slip on your most beautiful long dress, your best soft suede boots and add a modern touch with a padded waistcoat to elevate your look  !

A waistcoat jacket to look chic  :In the fashion assortment of waistcoats, if you need a standout item, the sleeveless jacket is simply perfect with coordinated trousers, for a head to toe tailored look. With a white shirt for perfectionists or a cute little top and high heels for the wow factor  !
A 'sherpa' fleece sleeveless jacket for a cocooning look  :A gamechanger this season, the sherpa fleece sleeveless jacket creates cosiness, comfort and warmth (and bold style) for any basic look. With jeans, a pretty little blouse and're ready to go  !

A fleece sleeveles womenswear jacket for an easy comfortable look  :For chilling on a Sunday, slip on a fleece sleeveless jacket to ensure really comfy cosy warmth. Sweatshirt joggers, a hooded sweatshirt and trainers… how good is that  :) Going for a walk  ? Opt for a sleeveless snug jacket  ;)

When to wear a womenswear waistcoat jacket  ?

What we love about a sleeveless jacket is its versatility, adapting to all situations  ! A tailored design to be chic for a special event, a padded version to look stylish for casual dining with friends, a denim model for festival rock attitude, a fleece feel for warm casual wear when chilling out… everything is possible  !

That's why we have adopted it without hesitation  ;)